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Mirror Stereo Calibration

The 3DefineMe app is built on our Mirror Stereo calibration technology that imitates the stereo processing ability of the human visual system. In the same way as we are able to perceive 3D by combining the images received by two eyes, the app can create 3D models of faces from the images taken with the front and rear cameras of an iOS device. As the two cameras of the mobile devices do not face in the same direction we use a mirror to ‘reposition’ the cameras as if they were placed on the same side of the device.

The Mirror Stereo technology is patented in Europe (EP 2866446 A1) and in the USA (US 20150116463 A1).

MirrorStereo technology

How accurate is it?

Accuracy is our key feature

Out error histogram is shown here. The error is measured in milimeters. One can see that our accuracy is better than 1.5 mm in more than 95% of the measurements, and less than 1 mm in 9 out of 10 cases. We believe that this makes our app the most accurate PD measuring mobile application. The reason for our accuracy is that we detect the position of the pupils in the 3D space, and measure the distance not only in the x-y space such as the many other “put your  credit-card near your eye” solutions. With our technology we are also able to consider the position in the z-direction.
We are continuously developing our technology, so stay tuned for even better measurement results!

PD-measure application precision

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